Factors To Choose Your Kitchen


In dilemma, as to which kitchen to choose? Confused between Open and closed Kitchens?

Firstly, to decide whether you want an open or a closed kitchen, let us guide you through what an open and closed kitchen,

As the name suggests, Open kitchens have are open, as in they have no specific boundaries which define the space of the kitchen or the area of the kitchen.They may also have a bar counter, breakfast counter or an Island incorporated into it.


Closed kitchens are the kitchens which have a definite boundary to them.They have a doorway that leads you into the kitchen from the living room.



How To Choose Between The Open And Closed Kitchens


If you have a 2BHK or a 1BHK flat, then we would recommend you to go for a closed kitchen as because of the lack of space in the house utility should be the first concern and the open kitchens cannot be utilized to their full look and potential in small places or places which do not have much room.
If you have a 3BHK or a Villa, we suggest you go for the open kitchen, because if you have extensive work and loads of investments on your kitchen with a very good Hobbs, Chimney then, it just enhances the outlook of the house, making it more magnificent and ravishing.

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