You Complete Me – A Modular Poem

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You complete me, yes you do,

She spoke out finally, opened her mouth and words came flowing out.

Before, for this day, I used to lookout,

He would come someday, that, I knew without any doubt.

My life was at its worst, hitting all the lows,

I felt like a useless piece of furniture, with disintegrating nuts and bolts.

At that point, everything in my life was falling apart,

I am afraid, this was just the start.

People started hating me for various reasons,

Some treated me like a criminal, charged with treason.

Yet others, just hated me for being there,

I could do nothing but sit and stare.

All of them who surrounded me, hated me,

Hatred was the only thing, around me I could see.

Then one day, all of a sudden everything changed,

He came to me finally, and looked like a god send.

He was elegant, the way he looked,

The overwhelming grace when he just stood.

We did not waste any time, And we did unite,

Together against the world, we did fight.

Everything about him was just perfect

And he came home when the sun was about to set,

He was what I was waiting for,

My sun, moon and my north star,

After he came into my life, boy! Did my life change,

That was love at first sight and did not feel strange.

He helped me function efficiently,

He helped me maintain my serenity.

He was updated with everything,

To all the things he did, he had a certain bling

More and more, in love with him I did fall

When he came towards me, through the hall.

We have since been together,

I will love you forever and ever,

Said Kitchen to Modular.



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