Creating the art of stylish living

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Creating the art of stylish living

What do you wish to fill your home with today?

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Living room for maximum rest

The finest living rooms all have something in common - elegance. This elegance is crafted meticulously in harmony with your taste and personality. Let Ambadas bring your inspiration to light and build out a space in modern, country or minimalist styles.

You're bored of your living room, and you decide that you'd like to create an updated look. Then Ambadas Home Studio professional interior designer can do it for you. Your living room's interior design must be something you truly love. That's why it's crucial to consider the individual preferences of the homeowner and style in regards to the design of your living space. It is easy to design a beautiful living space using just an ounce of imaginative ideas. Living room decorating concepts change and evolve every year and can be determined by top interior designers. But, take advantage of the services Ambadas Home Studio offer and follow your instincts. It's "your" living room.

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Wall colours

Pick pastel tones to create a balanced atmosphere where people can spend a lot of time. In larger living rooms add some colour and pattern depending on the style being used.

Picking a colour for any room of your home is a challenge; however, it's even more challenging in the living rooms since even though in other rooms you can pick a colour of your preference, The living room is likely to be the only one in which you must be aware of the impact your decision will have on the surrounding. Living room paint suggestions can help you select the best colour for your living area. First, it would be best to decide on the right colour scheme to match your living room. The colour scheme you choose will define the type of hues you would like to see for your doors, walls accessories, and other elements. The second thing you need to consider is to pick a good paint finish. A flat or matte finish is not shiny, thereby hiding imperfections. It also resists staining and provides a coating of protection. However, they can affect the overall impression you want to convey, so make sure you choose a finish with care.


Choose from a range of stone, wood and tiles or even a carpet to cover your living room floor with. Add extra comfort with soft furnishing and wooden furniture for a classy and elegant finish.

Engineered Plywood

MDF Board


This depends on your lifestyle and personality. Modern people pick modern living room designs while bigger families pick furnished and spacious living rooms. Looking at the living room decor theme is an exciting activity; it's as fun as living there. There are many ways to make your living room the perfect space. Are you interested in giving your living room or home a fresh look? Speak to our designers now.

Spruce up your living room

If you're seeking to improve the look of your home, now is the time to look into revamping your living area! The living room is among the most vital rooms in your home because it's where you gather with friends and also where you take a break and relax. The living space should be furnished in your style or take the designer's help. The living area is often the first place your guests come across; therefore, it is generally more formal than other rooms in your house. It must reflect the style preference of the family—your living space to be a reflection of the style or theme.

Wall Panelling

Wall panels are some of the most popular panels in recent years. They are made of wood or prefabricated panels, and because of their constant size, they are easy to fix. These products add amazing appeal to interior decoration. Wood paneling is a way to give your home or office a new look. There are many types of wood paneling. They range from wall panels, bamboo panels, slates and so on. Wall panels may be the simplest, but they are also one of the most versatile. Decorative wall panels are used to cover existing walls, camouflage less-smooth surfaces or decorate modern patterns into the interior design of the room. These panels are available in a variety of textures, finishes and wood grains.


Crown molding is usually an individual piece of decorative molding that is positioned on the uppermost point of the wall in a slant to the ceiling that is adjacent. You can add elegance and drama to any space with simple cornice. Create an elegant display by installing the perfect cornice that will leave your guests wondering if they employed a professional design firm. When it comes to decorating, cornices and mouldings are not often thought of, but they are a significant part of an entire room. The addition of a cornice can transform the style of a room.

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